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  • Makes Life Easier
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Dispenses Up to 8 Times a Day
  • Dispense As Little As 2 oz/cycle
  • Quiet Operation
  • Healthier for Animals
  • Programmable 24/7 Operation
  • Powerful and Clog-Proof
  • Uses Dry Food - Grains to Pellets
  • Veterinarian Recommended
cats sheep
dogs goats
rabbits pigs
ducks horses
geese ponies
fish pot-bellied pigs
exotic birds miniature horses

The Git’Um Fed Automatic Animal Feeder...
has been designed for a wide variety of domestic pets that includes cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, fish, and exotic birds. In addition, the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder serves equally well in feeding most farm livestock such as sheep, goats, pigs, horses, ponies, and miniature horses. Other farm animals that are easily fed with the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder are chickens, ducks, geese and other fowl. Our customers use the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder in many household applications both indoors and outdoors. Commercial applications include pet boarding facilities, dog kennels, horse stables, exotic bird farms, horse boarding and breeding stables, and many others, both indoors and outdoors.

The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder dispenses a wide variety of food types and sizes, from the smallest grains to large chunk dog food and horse feed pellets. These automatic pet feeder systems are controlled by an electronic timer that is easily programmed to dispense any amount desired for the care of your animals, up to eight separate times a day.

Why the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder?
Our research has found the automated feeder market to have various types and styles of feeders available. But, we have found these units to be too specialized for a particular type of pet or animal or type of food, limiting there versatility and flexibility. For example, can feeders used for cats be used for horses as well? Can these units deliver the smallest of pet food as well as the largest of pellets for larger animals without clogging? We have found for the most part, very few can cover the whole spectrum of food delivery circumstances.

For this reason, we have developed the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder. It is simple in design and function, yet can meet numerous pet and animal feeding circumstances. The basic unit alone can address the majority of these feeding situations. With the addition of the various optional accessories, the versatility of the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is extended to meet a wide variety of unique feeding challenges.

At the core of the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder’s dependability is our patented semi-floating auger delivery system. This feature assures the consistent delivery of a wide variety of food types and sizes. Customer response to the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder has been very positive. This feedback of real-life examples illustrates its successful adaptation to a variety of animal feeding situations. The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is used in and around homes, apartments, garages, kennels and barns. Installation of the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is simple and requires a minimum of tools.

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