The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder was developed to assist in the feeding of pets and animals. Animal owners would agree that feeding takes a large portion of their time and effort in their role as caregivers. The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder frees up their time by assisting in this feeding chore. Also, it helps avoid health and digestive problems by feeding animals several times a day in small quantities, as recommended by veterinarians. 

The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder dispenses a minimum of 2-20 ounces (2-cup) in a five (5) minute cycle, dispenses 40 ounces (4-cups) in a 10 minute cycle, 60 ounces (6-cups) in a 15 minute cycle, etc, etc, etc.

YOU CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF FOOD DISPENSED over each cycle up to 8-feeding cycles per day.

It deliberately dispenses slowly so as not to frighten animals.See our FAQ

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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