Feeder Uses

Take a look at the suggested uses for the Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder products.

Standard and Large Capacity Units

For most applications for small to medium sized animals, the Git'Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is reasonably stable as a free standing unit. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. When using the Git'Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder with larger or more active animals, it is recommended that it be secured to the surface at ground level to prevent the unit from being tipped over. Holes have been provided in the foot of each leg for this purpose. The type of fastener used will depend on the type of surface where the Feeder is located.

Remote Mounting

In cases where the size or the activity level of the animals being cared for may cause physical damage to the Feeder, such as rubbing against it or chewing, it is recommended that the Feeder be mounted out of reach. This is accomplished with the use of the optional Wall Bracket Kit. These brackets allow the Feeder to be mounted to any wall, fence, or other vertical surface in the animal containment area a safe vertical distance from the animals.

Secluded Mounting

When feeding large animals, such as horses, mounting the Feeder remotely as described above may not achieve the results desired for the safety of the Feeder and for the ease and convenience provided the caregiver. When caring for animals that have unpredictable behavior, entering their containment area to service the Feeder may be unsafe for unaware or inexperienced caregivers. When caring for very messy animals, it also becomes desirable to be able to feed them without entering their containment areas.

In these situations, the Feeder can be mounted safely outside the pen or stall with the use of the optional Spout Extender Kit and the optional Wall Bracket Kit. Once mounted, the Feeder will deliver food through a stable or pen wall or fence into a feed tub, bin or trough on the other side. The Feeder is completely protected from damage and it is easily reached for filling.

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