Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is very simple in design and operation ensuring dependable operation and long life. At its core is a patented auger delivery system that has proven to be both powerful and consistently dependable. The auger in the Feeder is driven by a dependable AC induction motor that delivers power through a set of reduction gears. The motor is controlled by an electronic Timer that can be programmed to operate up to 8 times a day. The length of the Run Cycle controls the amount of food that is dispensed. Programming is done as easily as setting the time on your watch or microwave oven. The Timer has a built in back-up battery that retains the programming, even when the power goes out. The Timer can be placed anywhere in the routing of the power supply cord which helps keep it out of harms way.

How often can the Feeder operate a day?

The Feeder can be programmed to operate from 1 to 8 times a day.

How much food can be dispensed per cycle?

The Feeder will dispense as little as 2 oz per cycle or the entire contents of the Feeder. The amount is totally dependent on how long the motor runs which is controlled by the Timer.

How do I program the Timer?

The Timer is basically a clock that turns the power on and off to the Feeder. The Timer has a built-in electronic memory that retains any settings that are put into it. To determine the run time settings for the Timer, a little calculation needs to be done. Example: Bob’s dog requires 2 pounds of food a day. First, Bob fills the Feeder with dog food. He turns on the Feeder in “manual” mode and waits until food starts to be dispensed. Then he notes the time and waits until the Feeder had dispensed 2 pounds of food. Bob turns off the Feeder and he notes the time again. Bob now has all the information he needs to program the Timer – How much food is dispensed and how long it took. Bob wanted to feed his dog twice a day – 1 pound each time. Bob now programs the Timer to turn on at the appropriate time for the first feeding. Since Bob is feeding his dog twice a day, he divides the time to dispense 2 pounds of food by half. Bob enters that “run time” into the Timer. Once entered, this setting will turn off the Timer when 1 pound of food has been dispensed. Bob programs the Timer to do the same thing at a later time in the day. All Timer entries are very similar in nature.

Can I use the Feeder outside?

Yes. While few outdoor feeders are completely waterproof, the The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder is very water resistant when used correctly. It has a tight fitting lid and the motor shielding protects the motor from direct exposure to rain while letting any collected water to drain through. Because the unit is powered by household current, care should be used in routing power cords to the Feeder to prevent their immersion in puddles.

What kind of food can be dispensed?

Most types of dry food will dispense easily through the Feeder. However, when using any type of food that can be affected by moisture, clogging or caking within the housing may occur. Example: Sweet Feed or any feed with a sweetener ingredient has a tendency to cake. If you desire to use this type of feed, blending it with other types of dry grain may reduce caking and improve delivery efficiency.

What various ways can I mount the Feeder?

Please refer to the ‘Uses‘ section of this website for ideas about the various ways the The Git’Um Fed Automated Animal Feeder can be mounted to efficiently and safely provide food for your animal.

Note: The manufacturer of this product does not recommend using this Feeder as a sole means to ensure your pet or animal is fed while you are away for an extended period time. It is always recommended that another person check in on your pet or animal from time to time.

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